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Sabrina Aversa

The Realty Boutique is not your average real estate brokerage. Sabrina and her agents are true experts in client services coupled with modern and smart real estate practice.  Sabrina’s mission for the Realty Boutique is to bring a fresh perspective to the traditional real estate market by offering highly-specialized service with an emphasis on building strong client relationships.

“The needs of clients are changing every day” Sabrina said.  “Buying or selling a home or property is such a personal thing and can be an emotional process as well.   It’s very important for the client to have trust in their agent throughout the process.”

Sabrina has assembled a dynamic team of agents, hand-selected for their diverse backgrounds and broad range of expertise.  The agents work closely with each of their clients to fully understand their needs and their service is carefully tailored to help each client achieve their individual goals.

Sabrina loves, loves, loves what she does.  Real estate has always been a passion of hers and she believes this passion is the key to her success. 

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